Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Iraq war becoming unpopular again

Poll: Two Years After War's Start, Deeper Doubts About Costs and Benefits

I guess these folks are more "nuanced" than I am: I have very LITTLE doubt: it's a disastrous boondoggle.

If I was a Republican, they'd be praising my "moral clarity" instead of questioning my patriotism.

This is part of a pattern: the news media trumpets something - like the January election - that makes people forget how bad this is. But then reality sets in, because nothing really changes in Iraq, favorable press coverage can't turn shit into shinola.

Some stuff from the poll:

Has the war made the US stronger or weaker in the world?

Stronger Weaker
4/9/03 52% 12
3/13/05 28 41

Was the war worth fighting?

Yes No No Opinion
3/13/05 45% 53 2

The only question is: why did these clowns vote for it?

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