Monday, March 21, 2005


Majikthise is calling for a blogswarm regarding the Schaivo case. She's right. I'm producing it here to give it as much exposure as my tiny megaphone can get, but go to the site anyway, and give Majik more hits.

Enough is enough. The New York Times reports that the House [is] to Begin Debate on Schiavo Bill This Evening. Update: Oliver Willis is live-blogging the hearing.

The Democracy Cell Project is calling for a Schiavo blogswarm. They're absolutely right:

It’s time for a blogswarm. No one in Congress is answering their phones.

We must contact the media to put pressure on Congress to butt out of the Schiavo case. There is a real threat to the separation of powers going on, not to mention Congress making medical decisions and person decisions and the disgusting aspects of playing politics with real peoples’ lives.

The Plan: Here is a media list of the majors and the news organizations that are working this weekend:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Email all of them please. Tell them from your heart what you think of what’s happening and tell them they need to represent the “other” side of this story, that Tom Delay is slandering Michael Schiavo, that Congress is butting into people’s personal lives, that you are disgusted by what they are doing. Tell them what you think.
Just copy and paste the email addresses into the address line of your email. There were a few "dud" email addresses in the initial list, but I think I've fixed them all.

If you're still making up your mind, or if you need inspiration for your emails, here's a reading list. I encourage readers to post their letters to the editors in the comments thread.

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