Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rewarding failure

Bush Picks Wolfowitz for New World Bank President

President Bush on Wednesday selected Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a magnet for controversy as one of the leading architects of the Iraq war, as his choice for World Bank (news - web sites) president.

Well, what did you THINK would happen to the guy whose idiotic ideas about Iraq have proven to be not only false but downright delusional?

What do you THINK would happen to a guy who was so blinded by raw extremist ideology that he thought that people would throw flowers at soldiers who were invading their country?

Heck, why WOULDN'T you want a guy who lost 9 billion dollars in Iraq to head a bank?

Bush has failed at everything he's ever done, and been rewarded with scads of money and power.

So he must think it's NORMAL to have failure rewarded.

At a White House news conference Bush described Wolfowitz as "a compassionate, decent man."

That says everything you need to know about Bush's "values."

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