Saturday, March 12, 2005

Iran pursues nukes

TEHRAN, Iran - Neither threats nor incentives will alter Iran 's pursuit of its nuclear program, the Iranian foreign ministry said Saturday, defying new moves by the European Union and the United States to ensure Tehran never develops a nuclear bomb.

Of COURSE they won't. Would you? Would we?

Especially if some madman has declared you part of the "axis of evil" and has graphically demonstrated that NOT having WMDs will get you attacked.

It says they were offered "economic incentives." Economic incentives? Who in his right mind would trust an offer of economic incentives from George W. Bush? Hell, he's offered economic incentives to cities in his own country, and then reneged and screwed them. Does anybody actually believe him anymore?

"We will offer you economic incentives, and then, when you agree, we will attack you."

I can't imagine why they don't find that an attractive offer.

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