Tuesday, March 08, 2005


But being PO'd at Democrats is nothing new. The thing is, I EXPECT Republicans to behave like greedy corporate whores. When a Democrat does, it bothers me even more. And let's face it: they aren't exactly strangers to whoredom themselves.

Anywho, shortly after writing the thing below asking people to join the email campaign to filibuster the bankruptcy bill, they voted for cloture, and they did it with a fair number of Democratic votes.

Wall of the bought and paid for: (i.e., Democrats who voted for this disgrace.)
Biden-Delaware; Byrd-West Virginia; Carper-Delaware; Conrad-North Dakota; Johnson-South Dakota; Kohl-Wisconsin; Landrieu-Louisiana; Lieberman-Connecticut; Lincoln-Arkansas; Nelson-Florida; Nelson-Nebraska; Pryor-Arkansas; Salazr-Colorado; Stabenow-Michigan

Republicans who have a reputation of being somewhat moderate on our insanely skewed political compass:

Allen-Virginia; Chafee-Rhode Island; Collins-Maine; Hagel-Nebraska; McCain-Arizona; Snowe-Maine; Specter-Pennsylvania; Voinovich-Ohio

If one of these is your Senator, telephone his office and call him names.

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