Sunday, October 17, 2004

Smokey the Log

I get the below spam in the mail, and at first I think some right-wing nuts got the wrong guy.

RatherGate proved that bloggers are the best fact checkers. That is why we are writing to a few bloggers asking for help.

Yes Bush Can has collected several documents that are clearly suspect. But we need your help to prove they are fake:

Let's spring to action before these documents needlessly tarnish the reputation of our Commander and Chief. You know the drill: analyze the handwriting, search for factual errors, and post your discoveries.
But after visiting the site, I realize that it's some of the best satire I've ever seen. In fact, it's so good that it takes quite a while to realize that it IS satire.

Let's get to work proving that these are fake, too!

Dick Cheney's DUI
George W. Bush's DUI
George W. Bush's Second DUI
Bush and Cheney have excellent judgement and would never get behind the wheel while drunk.

Memo to Ken Lay
Second Memo to Ken Lay
Ken Lay has been indicted on felony fraud charges -- there is NO WAY he was this close with President Bush.

Yes Bush Can is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to re-electing George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Any doubt that it was satire evaporated after viewing Smokey the Log.

This is funny. The only thing that worries me is that a lot of people don't realize it. Real Bushites are so twisted that satirizing them is almost impossible.

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