Monday, October 18, 2004

From your mouth to God's ears, Eric

"Sure Kerry creamed him, but remember it matters not at all who won the debate. What matters is who wins the election. Slates’s election tracker has Bush winning the electoral college by two votes, giving Kerry no bounce whatever in the third debate. The L.A. Times also has Bush ahead, though it is not calling it. I am going to go on record here saying forget the polls, which were wrong last time and will be wrong again this time. If Bush somehow wins, it will require an even bigger steal than four years ago. Nobody who voted for Gore is voting for Bush. The Democrats have registered millions of new voters who don’t show up in the polls. Idiots who share Ralph Nader’s belief that there is not a “dime’s worth of difference” between the two candidates are far fewer than last time around. And lots more people have cell phones and can’t be reached by pollsters. I’m not saying Bush can’t win; I’m just saying I don’t think he can win honestly." - Eric Alterman

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