Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Holy Gut

George W. Bush likes to brag that he "goes with his gut" and "trusts his instincts" when making gigantic, sweeping, world-changing decisions.

He's PROUD of that. He doesn't PLAN, he doesn't THINK, he doesn't sit down and intelligently assess the situation. He thinks that's for wimps. HE just "goes with his gut."

And then when everything turns to SHIT he acts like only an ACT OF GOD could POSSIBLY have made things turn out any differently. It doesn't even OCCUR to this clown that maybe if he occasionally used his BRAIN instead of just his GUT things might have turned out better.

"I go with my instincts." That's a claim that can be made by ANY FOUR-FOOTED BEAST.

See, that why we are DIFFERENT than the animals. We have BRAINS, not just instincts. And it's a good thing to use our brains. It's not a sign of weakness to THINK. It's not a sign of weakness to use your God-given intelligence. But the idiot in the White House thinks that it IS, and he actually believes that making decisions in the same manner as a beast of the field is his SACRED DUTY. What a MORON.

The rant is ended. Go in peace.

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