Monday, October 25, 2004

But Dick had nothing to do with it.

The fact that he was CEO of the company that received clear favoritism is just a coincidence:

Top Army Official Calls for a Halliburton Inquiry

"The top civilian contracting official for the Army Corps of Engineers, charging that the Army granted the Halliburton Company large contracts for work in Iraq and the Balkans without following rules designed to ensure competition and fair prices to the government, has called for a high-level investigation of what she described as threats to the "integrity of the federal contracting program."

The official, Bunnatine H. Greenhouse, said that in at least one case she witnessed, Army officials inappropriately allowed representatives of Halliburton to sit in as they discussed the terms of a contract the company was set to receive. "

Not only was Halliburton granted the contracts illegally: they were granted contracts that guaranteed a profit based on what they spent. They were granted a contract that said that the more money they spent, the more they would make. And then they intentionally wasted money - public money, our tax dollars - and risked their own workers' lives to do it.

Would evil people lie if doing so would reap them a billion dollars a day?

No - Cheney would NEVER do that.

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