Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bush is Full of Qaqaa

What is George W. Bush so afraid of?

His reaction to the revelation that 377 tons of munitions have been stolen has been very interesting.

He has openly refused to discuss it. Instead of addressing the questions, he has bashed those who have questioned it. As though the problem isn't the fact that weapons are missing, the problem is that people are mentioning it.

Look at this video. When a reporter asks Bush about the weapons ("Who's responsible for the weapons missing in Iraq, Mr. President?") the smile disappears from his face and his eyes, and frankly, he looks worried. He also clearly hears the question and clearly ignores it. He pretends he didn't hear it. He look like a happy man - until he hears that question. Then he looks scared.

I think Bush is worried because he knows exactly when those weapons disappeared. He pretends that he is launching an investigation when there is no need for an investigation: he already knows what happened, and it's damning.

Remember when Colin Powell made his presentation to the U.N. Security Council?

Here's what he said:

At this ballistic missile site on November 10th, we saw a cargo truck preparing to move ballistic missile components.

At this biological weapons-related facility on November 25th, just two days before inspections resumed, this truck caravan appeared -- something we almost never see at this facility and we monitor it carefully and regularly.

At this ballistic missile facility, again, two days before inspections began, five large cargo trucks appeared, along with a truck-mounted crane, to move missiles.

We saw this kind of housecleaning at close to 30 sites. Days after this activity, the vehicles and the equipment that I've just highlighted disappear and the site returns to patterns of normalcy. We don't know precisely what Iraq was moving, but the inspectors already knew about these sites so Iraq knew that they would be coming.

The Al Qaqaa site is HUGE (picture here). Are we to believe that they were monitoring all these sites carefully and regularly, but they HAVEN'T been monitoring what may be the largest weapons site in Iraq since the occupation began? Are we supposed to believe that they were all over it like flies on Qaqaa, but they've been completely ignoring it ever since?

Powell showed us all those photos of all those sites, taken just a few weeks apart: "here is the site now, and here it is two weeks later."

Well, where are the overhead photos of all these sites since the occupation began?

If they monitored known weapons sites carefully and regularly, which they claimed they were doing, it is not POSSIBLE that they don't know when those weapons were disappeared.

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