Monday, October 03, 2005

You know what I think may be happening with the Miers nominations?

What do you think Bush is more interested in - So-Called "Family Values," or MONEY?

Money, of course.

Well, now that he has been re-elected, his base - the fundamentalists - have NOTHING TO OFFER HIM. He has no more use for them. Business folks can still benefit him. Fundamentalists can't.

The fundamentalists expected payback. They expected Bush to be loyal to THEM. They don't get it - for Bush, "loyalty" is totally a one-way street.

He has totally and cynically used them, and a few of them are realizing it.

They backed him against all reason and sense entirely BECAUSE they expected him to pick a "solid social conservative" to the Supreme Court.

And now he just gave THEM the finger.

Like he's done to the rest of America.

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