Monday, October 31, 2005

Filibuster time

Bush nominates a loonie extremist.

Remember, Bush is EXTREMELY unpopular right now, and 2006 is coming up.

That means that aside from filibustering if necessary, the Democrats should lean heavily on the moderate Republicans. They should also try and circulate a couple of memes:

1) The Republicans can't complain about not allowing an up-and-down, because they just did. And they can't complain about rejecting someone on the basis of politics, because they just did; and

2) The far right has been openly SAYING that they wanted a nominee who would cause a fight. They CHOSE a nominee on the BASIS of the fact that he would cause a fight. Therefore, they have intentionally fomented division, and have completely lost any moral authority to complain about obstruction.

3) And by the way - he's one more white guy. Taking over Sandra Day O' Connor's seat.

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