Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Ballad of Tom Delay Clampett

This is the story of a guy named Tom
would hammer and redistrict and conspire without a qualm.
Then one day came a nippin' at his heel
A Texas prosecutor with a prosecutor's zeal.

Earle, that is. Pure gold. Texas guy.

Well, the first thing you know, Tom's in a world of shit.
So he whines and he cries and he throws a hissy fit.
There's nothing he can say that a judge would want to hear
So he turns to old reliable: a big, outrageous smear.

Earle's out to get him. A partisan Democrat. And we all know what THEY'RE like.

Poor old Tom: that ain't a-gonna work.
The judge couldn't care less, you stupid, right-wing jerk.
Smearin' Ronnie Earle don't make a lick o' sense,
The only thing that matters is a thing called ev-i-dence.

And that means you're screwed. Mugshots. Fingerprints. Jailtime.

Y'all be sure an visit him, hear?

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