Sunday, October 23, 2005

Miers doesn't have the votes

WASHINGTON - A Democrat on the Senate committee that will consider Harriet Miers' nomination said Sunday that President Bush's Supreme Court choice lacks the votes now to be confirmed, saying there are too many questions about her qualifications."

If you held the vote today, she would not get a majority either in the judiciary Committee or the floor," said Sen. Charles schumer, D-New York. On the 18-member GOP-controlled committee, "there are one or two who said they'd support her as of now."

This really screws Bush. If she isn't confirmed, he will seem totally impotent. But if he withdraws her and replaces her with a right-wing loonies who will please the right-wing loonies, he will demonstrate to America that the Republican Party is, indeed, beholden to extremists.

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