Saturday, October 22, 2005

Expand the investigation

"We hereby request that you expand your investigation regarding who in the Bush Administration revealed to the press that Valerie Wilson, the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson, was an undercover agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.). We believe that expansion should include investigating the Administration's false and fraudulent claims in January 2003 that Iraq had sought uranium for a nuclear weapon, which the Administration offered as one of the key grounds to justify the war against Iraq." - Rep Maurice, letter to PAtrick Fitzgerald, signed by 40 Democrats.

Here's the story.

Apparently, the documents cited by Bush for his fraudulent claim that Hussein sought uranium from Niger - the claim which Joseph Wilson publicly contradicted, and which led Rove and Libby to expose his wife as a CIA agent - were such ridiculously obvious forgery that it was laughable:

Images of the documents and more information are here.

Hinchley's letter to Fitzgerald, which is at the link, outlines a very, very strong case of lying to Congress.

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