Monday, October 10, 2005

Indictments coming?

From the ultra-right-wing Bill Kristol, reported by the even-more-ultra-right-wing newsmax. Even THEY have started to believe that indictments are coming:

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol predicted on Sunday that there will be at least one and perhaps several indictments of "senior [Bush] administration officials" by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, who is investigating the outing of CIA employee Valerie Plame.

"Criminal defense lawyers I've spoken to who are friendly to the administration are very worried that there will be one or more indictments in the next three weeks of senior administration officials," the influential editor told "Fox News Sunday."

Kristol is, of course, a crank, and newsmax has one foot in the asylum. But when folks like this think that something big is coming, the only ones who don't are deep, deep in denial.

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