Saturday, July 31, 2004

Some Americans still think of George W. Bush as "decisive." Me, I tend to think that that's ONLY a positive quality if you make good decisions. Going off half-cocked with dead certainty when you are dead wrong is pretty damned destructive.

But for those who are enamored of "decisiveness," let's make a REAL comparison:

Kerry earned his Silver Star when he rescued a fellow soldier who had been swept off their swift boat while under enemy attack. Without hesitation, Kerry turned the boat around, went back, and personally went out on deck to pull the man into the boat, with the enemy firing at them.

When George W. was told "The country is under attack," he sat there, unable to decide what to do or not knowing what to do, for SEVEN FULL MINUTES.

Which of these two, based on those two accounts, is more heroic and decisive?

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