Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Photos courtesy of, God bless 'em.

When John Kerry was touring Cape Canaveral, he was required to wear a space suit, which can look mighty stupid on a person, and he did.

John Kerry in a tuquoise suit crawling out of a hatch

The Republicans tried to make hay out of it by sending the stupid-looking photo to all the major newspapers.

The Kerry organization responded by sending this:
Bush and an Australin Prime Minister (probably John Howard) , wearing blue kimonos with silver spots

They also sent photos of Bush as a cheerleader and Bush picking his nose, but the Daily News, in a rare moment of reserve and delicacy, decided NOT to print these:

And here are more photos of Bush that it would be fun to see it the local newspaper.

Hey, if Bush makes people laugh, it might be the only positive he's ever accomplished. He should be thankful.

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