Saturday, July 31, 2004

Remember when the Republicans claimed to be against "big government." Does anyone actually believe that anymore?

Apparently, Bush regards himself as ONLY the President of his supporters. Has any other President, in all of American history, had such an imperial attitude? None that I can think of.

Some would-be spectators hoping to attend Vice President Dick Cheney's rally in Rio Rancho this weekend walked out of a Republican campaign office miffed and ticketless Thursday after getting this news:

Unless you sign an endorsement for President George W. Bush, you're not getting any passes.

The Albuquerque Bush-Cheney Victory office in charge of doling out the tickets to Saturday's event was requiring the endorsement forms from people it could not verify as supporters.

State Rep. Dan Foley, R-Roswell, speaking on behalf of the Republican Party, said Thursday that a "known Democrat operative group" was intending to try to crash Saturday's campaign rally at Rio Rancho Mid-High School.

However, some who left the office off Osuna NE without tickets on Thursday said they're not affiliated with an operative group and should have a right to see their vice president without pledging their allegiance to Bush.

"I'm outraged at this. I'm being closed off by my own government. It's crazy," said East Mountains resident Pamela Random, who added that she is an unaffiliated voter.

Gee, George, THAT'S the way to be a "uniter and not a divider." Decide that the people PAY YOUR SALARY don't have the right to see you if they don't belong to your party.

For God's sake, get these clowns out of the White House before they pervert democracy any further.

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