Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Reagan Snubs Bush

Apparently, it isn't just Ron Reagan, Jr., who doesn't think a whole lot of Boy Bush. Nancy feels the same way.

Much to the dismay of the Bush campaign, Nancy Reagan has just said no to appearing at the Republican National Convention next month.

GOP strategists had hoped the former First Lady and Hollywood actress would make a cameo appearance onstage after a video tribute to her late husband, particularly after her Bush-bashing son, Ron, agreed to speak at the Democratic convention last night.

GOP sources, meanwhile, confirmed his mother will not be at their Aug. 30-Sept. 2 convention - and some speculated her son might be behind the snub.

"I do not expect her at our convention but she knows she is welcome," Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie told reporters here yesterday....

A downcast senior GOP official confirmed Nancy Reagan had never committed to appearing at the convention, but was nevertheless dubious of the official explanation.

"The 'not feeling up to it' line is bull----," the official said. "Something happened in the last month, and whatever it was was real."

It looks like the ONLY convention this year that will feature a Reagan this year will be the Democratic one.

Poor right-wingers: trying to claim the mantle of a man who was certainly very conservative, but who would despise them if he were alive. Because he was conservative, not a lunatic.

The modern Republican Party is actually THAT extremist.

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