Friday, May 05, 2006

Zombie rights

Sometimes, you just can't resist the News of the Weird:

They came, they saw, they lurched

By Gary Kemble.

Their big day ... zombie brides lurch through Sydney (Photo: Rachel Young)

About 100 undead lurched from the Sydney Town Hall to the Opera House today as part of the city's inaugural Zombie Lurch.

Carrying banners that read 'I crave the flesh of the living, and I vote' and 'What do we want? Brains!', the ghouls shambled through the city, watched by police and wary onlookers, to raise awareness of zombie rights.

Head zombie Rachel Young says the highlights for her were the sight of the zombie horde at the Opera House, and the zombie who craved footwear more than brains pausing outside a shoe shop to groan 'shooooeeeessss'.

The zombies were apparently also popular with Japanese tourists, but some of the walking dead were a little too realistic for some small children, who started crying when the mass passed by. (Although others seemed to think it was a regular laff riot).

My favourite zombie was the hapless explorer run through with a spear.

(P.S. AJ in Perth points out the infection has spread further than initially thought, popping up in Perth last August.)

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