Thursday, May 18, 2006

Illegal is more fun

According to Baltimore Sun, the NSA developed a program for the purpose of analyzing communication data in the late 1990. Unlike what they are doing now, the old program was legal and protected the privacy of Americans - and worked better.

They rejected it in favor of a system that was illegal, unnecessarily intrusive and didn't work so good.

But if you're Bush, you ALWAYS prefer the option that's illegal, intrusive and innefficient. I honestly think it gives the man the sort of rush that a teenager gets when he gets away with something.

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Brad said...

If you really believe they tapped phones to track "terrorists", you need to look closer. If there was anything legal about it, they would have done it the legal way. The GOP Congress would have passed anything, as long as it wasn't blatantly unconstitutional, and probably fascistic. Which we are learning it isy.