Friday, May 05, 2006

The Reaming of the Rummy.

You've probably already heard about Rumsfeld being confronted by an articulate questioner who knew his facts.

The clowns in the White House seem to be getting confronted with some regularity despite continuing to appear before only friendly hand-picked audiences. (Check out the Rumsfeld video. The crowd cheers when he says "I did not lie." Now, THERE'S an applause line, eh? Not to mention a lie itself.)

But what has changed is that you probably already know about it. The mainstream press is actually giving it coverage and not leaving the reporting to the blogs. Now, that MAY be because it was Rumsfeld getting reamed instead of Bush, the Boy Prince Who Must Be Protected. But perhaps, just perhaps, the press is starting to realize that this disaster is in part THEIR fault, and that maybe, just maybe, they should start reporting.

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