Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sue the bastards.

If you own stock in any phone companies, it's time to sell short. They could lose billions in class-action lawsuits, and lose MORE money from an exodus of customers.

Two suits have already been filed.

Verizon Sued for Giving NSA Phone Records Attorneys Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer filed the lawsuit Friday afternoon in federal district court in Manhattan, where Verizon is headquartered.

The lawsuit asks the court to stop Verizon from turning over any more records to the NSA without a warrant or consent of the subscriber.

"This is the largest and most vast intrusion of civil liberties we've ever seen in the United States," Afran said of the NSA program.

The lawsuit seeks $1,000 for each violation of the Telecommunications Act, or $5 billion if the case is certified as class-action.

And this is a DIFFERENT one:

Verizon Faces New $20B Suit over NSA Spying Complicity

Upping the ante in what may be a high-stakes legal battle, an Upstate New York lawyer filed a $20 billion class-action lawsuit against Verizon last week, charging that the company violated customer confidentiality in aiding warrantless eavesdropping by a federal spy agency.

Here's the tally of who has and has not violated the privacy of American citizens:

Verizon (land-line), AT&T, and BellSouth have all behaved in a fundamentally Unamerican manner.

On the other hand, Qwest is the only large landline carrier that refused to complied with the Bush's fascist requests. If you have one of the other three, switch to Qwest.

Cellular phones seem largely clean. Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Cox all say that they have not provided their records to anyone.

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