Monday, May 15, 2006

Same script.

Ah. So His Incompetence is probably going to use the National Guard to patrol the border. He says it's "only temporary."

Temporary till when? Just after the 2006 elections?

This is typical. God forbid border patrol get done by actual border patrol. That would make sense. Instead, let's assume that the MILITARY doesn't have enough of a role.

The REAL problem is that Bush is too damned incompetent to deal with anything using civilian means - like SANE Presidents always have. Instead, he turns to the military as his tool of choice for absolutely everything.

And pardon me for wondering if President Codpiece isn't still trying to compensate for the cowardice and inadequacy that he showed during Vietnam. Using OTHER people's blood and sweat, of course.

So he will get to dress up in a uniform, strut around, use jeeps and tanks and helicopters and all sorts of neat stuff, and basically play war in a place where there isn't one, and it will make for a great photo-op. He'll get his picture taken with a helicopter. Look, mommy! Don't I look cool?

God, I wish we had a President who was a frigging grown-up, instead of one who is stuck in adolescence and makes America suffer so he can feel impressive.


Anonymous said...

Every time a major issue comes up or is brought up in this country it is met with the solution of calling out the military (Hurricaine Katrina, Bird Flu, Border Patrol).
Bush has no domestic agenda, he is a plain damn fool who plays with armies as though they were so many tin soldiers to push around on a paper map, a spoiled sociopath with no concience and no regard for human life, unless it advances his platform.

Iggy said...

Wish I'd said that. You should have your own blog. And you're absolutely right.