Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Constitutional Crisis that Walks like a Man.

The FBI has confirmed that they do, indeed, monitor reporters' phone calls.

Approximately one year ago, we were told that they did not need a warrant because they were only monitoring international calls.

Then, they said that, well, actually were monitoring SOME calls where one of the parties was domestic and one was international.

"If someone is calling Al Qaeda," said Bush, "we want to know why."

Which is interesting, because it implies that they know the terrorists' telephone numbers, which makes you wonder why they don't just round them up instead of collecting their phone bills.

Then they said that they sometimes they inadvertently listen to purely domestic calls.

Then they tell us - just this week - that, well, all that was bullshit. They have actually been collecting info on every single phone call made by every single American with almost no exceptions.

But OF COURSE we have nothing to worry about. We can trust THEM. Never mind the fact that they have lied about this again and again and again. We can trust them. They aren't actually listening in. It's for TERRORISM. So they say.

But you can't name a single terrorist who has been arrested in the last five years as a result of this spying. Not one.

And NOW, we find out that they AREN'T checking on terrorists - they are checking on reporters. They are using phone records to find out who reporters are using as sources. They are REALLY after anyone who makes them look bad by revealing the truth to the American People.

You would figure even the REPUBLICANS would wake up and realize that George W. Bush is a walking Constitutional Crisis who has to be stopped while we still have something that we can call "America" left. And they would, if they valued their nation more than their party.

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