Monday, May 22, 2006

Take a look at this remarkable email exchange between Rumsfeld's Spokesman, Larry (a.k.a. Curly Joe) Dirita, and War Correspondent Joe Galloway. This is remarkable, and Galloway deserves a medal.


Kelly said...

I just finished reading this article and as usual I'm left with a tight chest and near tears. You're right, Galloway OUGHT to get a medal, he's a true hero.

Things have gotten to the point where I often wonder if I ought to read any more political articles because I'm actually having a physical reaction to them!
I'm torn.
On the one hand part of me wants to dig a hole and hide my head and just let the world turn; but the other part of me doesn't dare. There are so few people speaking the truth (and fewer listening),their voices seem small compared to the din this disgusting war machine we call our government has created.
I'm sickened daily over the things I read and just when I think it cannot possibly get any worse, some new outrage is uncovered.
Can we really withstand another two years of this? What happens in 2008?

Iggy said...

Bush is saying that a Republican win in 2006 is some sort of mandate to do whatever crap he wants, screw the fact that nobody likes him. We should take him at his word and declare that a Democratic win in 2006 is a mandate for fis resignation.