Friday, May 28, 2004

Women's Clothing as Kleenex.


I think this is unbelievable. What a total jerk we have in the White House. What an embarrassment. Watch the video.

How would you feel about a person who thinks it is okay to grab your shirt and use it to clean their eyeglasses?

That's how arrogant our "President" is. During a commercial break on the David Letterman show, producer Maria Pope was on stage and discussing something with Letterman, and while she was standing there in front of Bush, George leaned forward, grabbed the back of her sweater and used it to clean his glasses. Check out the Quicktime video.

Regardless of your political party and beliefs, we all know that this administration has raised some serious questions, and has often asked for us to blindly believe in the their drastic actions, all of which are clearly far more serious than this boner on the Letterman show. However, there is not a spin, explanation, or flat out lie that can defend Bush's character in this revealing moment, when he was dumb enough to think that people or cameras were not looking. Even worse scenario is he did know, but just didn't care.

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