Monday, May 31, 2004

Who's in Charge Here?

So - the Iraqis are p.o.'ed because they don't care for the leader that we are trying to stuff down their throats.

What, exactly, is "sovereign" supposed to mean? If the Iraqis can't pick their own President, how the hell are they "sovereign"?

"You're going to be sovereign - but we have the army and we pick the President."

Do these jokers actually think the Iraqis will swallow such an obvious pile of lies and BS? Who they think the Iraqis are? The American Press or something?

It's typical Bushian "democracy." In the words of Tom Lehrer:

"For might makes right,
and till they've seen the light
They've got to be protected,
all their rights respected
Till somebody we LIKE can be elected!"
- Tom Lehrer, "Send the Marines"

Anywho, here's an excerpt:

Iraqis Decry U.S. Over President Choice

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi Governing Council members accused American officials Monday of pressuring them to accept Washington's choice for Iraq (news - web sites)'s new president, prompting a delay in the announcement of a new government to take power from the U.S.-led coalition June 30....

The U.S.-run coalition maintains ultimate authority in Iraq, but the Americans must decide whether they want to risk a major breach with their Iraqi allies at a sensitive period as Washington prepares to hand control of a still-unstable, war-ravaged country to an untested leadership.

Coalition spokesman Dan Senor insisted the Americans have not shown a preference for Pachachi, a claim that many council members dismissed as untrue....

"We in the council have agreed that Sheik Ghazi al-Yawer should be the president of Iraq," council member and prominent Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani told Al-Arabiya television. "But if the coalition has a different opinion, then they must come and explain to the council. There is a near consensus in the council that Sheik Ghazi is the better-suited man for the job."

"We must have a bigger role in these deliberations," said Chapouka, an ethnic Turk from the northern city of Kirkuk. "We must be part of the process. ... As a government we should know who are the persons taking these posts."

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