Thursday, May 13, 2004

Where is the morality?

The "Lean Left" blog waxes very eloquently on the moral relativism that seems to infest the right-wingers nowadays.

Seriously, where is the morality on the right wing? I am hearing, over and over again, that the torture is somehow okay because the people involved were bad guys (never mind that most weren't) or that its okay because we aren't as bad as Saddam or some random bad guy of the day. Really, that's the right wing's idea of morality? We aren't the worst of the worst, so everything is okay? Would anyone take seriously a defense of "well, at least I didn't kill anyone" in an assault trial? Or, more appropriately, would anyone take seriously a defense of "well, at least I am not a serial killer" in a murder trial? Of course not -- because the definition of "good" is not "a little bit better than the baddest person you can find."

...[T]hey are arguing for the rule of men and whim over the rule of law; they are arguing for arbitrarily treating people inhumanely instead of the process of law; they are arguing for might makes right instead of the might applied in the service of right. They are arguing, in short, for the kind of behavior and society that the United States was created in reaction to and defiance of. And it's time the decent people on the right -- and there are many -- took their movement and their party back from the moral light weights and the people willing to abandon American ideals for short term political gain who now control it.

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