Friday, May 28, 2004

What a pack of clowns.

First Puritan Ashcroft makes a huge deal out scaring the crap out of America – and the Department of Homeland Security had NO IDEA that he was going to!

Is it me, or wasn't it supposed to be Homeland Security’s job to coordinate all this stuff and make these announcements? Wasn't that the whole idea of creating the Department in the first place?

Not only are they venal, petty, vindictive and low – they run things like Laurel and Hardy - only they aren't funny at all.

Latest terror alert surprises Homeland Security officials

The Homeland Security Department was surprised by the announcement Wednesday by Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller that a terrorist attack was increasingly likely in coming months, officials said.

The news conference, which excluded Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, raised concerns in Washington that his department was not coordinating the domestic fight against terrorism, which was confusing the message for the public and for local authorities.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ridge spoke on morning television shows and appeared to downplay the threat that Ashcroft would later trumpet, officials said. He told ABC's Good Morning America that the threats are "not the most disturbing that I have personally seen during the past couple of years."

Lawmakers who oversee the Homeland Security Department said the events Wednesday appeared to undermine the effort to unify the federal government's response to terrorism

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