Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Clinton destroyed Saddam's WMDs

That headline in actually true, and is something that is almost ignored by the news media.

Saddam had WMDs when Clinton took office. There is no real question about that. He no longer had them when Clinton left. There is ALSO no real question about THAT.

And According to David Kay, our chief Iraq Weapons Inspector in Iraq, the Iraqi atomic weapons program stopped in 1998.

What happened in 1998?

The Desert Fox joint United States-British strike on Iraq.

Well, if Desert Fox stopped the Iraqi atomic weapons program, this means the Clinton administration's Saddam containment policy was far more effective than anyone realized.

In 1998, Saddam had thrown out U.N. inspectors. U.S. and British aircraft bombed Iraq weapons facilities for several nights, while 400 cruise missiles were fired into Iraq. Many right-wingers denounced the strikes. They called it "wagging the dog" and complained that it was taking their attention away from investigating the very important questionof which way Clinton's penis bent.

But, they were wrong. Desert Fox was a resounding success.

Among the Iraqi facilities pounded in 1998 was the Al Zaafaraniyah atomic weapons and missile complex. In 1993, Clinton ordered Al Zaafaraniyah hit with cruise missiles to stop Iraq atomic-weapons research. In 1998, Al Zaafaraniyah was reduced to rubble.

Clinton did that. While the right-wingers tried to stop him. And they are so ungrateful that they've never properly thanked him.

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