Sunday, May 23, 2004

Rumsfeld bans camera phones

What a scumbag.

The problem wasn't that they abused prisoners, it's that someone took pictures of it, and the press found out.

We can have cameras on every street corner, monitoring every move citizens make - but if you're in the military, you can't have one: you might expose some illegal behavior.

MOBILE phones fitted with digital cameras have been banned in US army installations in Iraq on orders from Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, The Business newspaper reported today.

Quoting a Pentagon source, the paper said the US Defence Department believes that some of the damning photos of US soldiers abusing Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad were taken with camera phones."Digital cameras, camcorders and cellphones with cameras have been prohibited in military compounds in Iraq," it said, adding that a "total ban throughout the US military" is in the works.

Disturbing new photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse, which the US government had reportedly tried to keep hidden, were published on Friday in the Washington Post newspaper.

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