Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Bush to speak on Arab TV

The Bushies are even more clueless than I though they were.

President Bush's national security adviser said Bush "will speak directly to the Arab world," and a White House official said the president is planning to do interviews with Arab television to underscore his feelings about photographs of naked prisoners and gloating U.S. soldiers.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Tuesday that Bush will conduct two 10-minute interviews with the U.S.-sponsored Al-Hurra television network and the Arab network Al Arabiya.

Are these people so totally out of touch that they think the Arab world will be comforted by Bush's presence on TV?

What sort of bubble do they live in? Do they really think they can do 20 minutes on Arab TV and fix this? While Iraqi civilians are being killed and while pledging to keep an occupying force in Iraq until 2005?

Does this guy REALLY think this just requires some slick PR moves?

If so, he's not sane.

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