Friday, September 22, 2006

1,100 Laptops Missing From Commerce Dept.

More than 1,100 laptop computers have vanished from the Department of Commerce since 2001, including nearly 250 from the Census Bureau containing such personal information as names, incomes and Social Security numbers, federal officials said yesterday. - Washington Post

Pardon me for asking, but how the hell do you lose 1,100 computers? What are they, in a closet somewhere?

Obviously, they are being routinely stolen, and nobody wants to say that.

And doesn't it seem like this is happening all the time? Every time you turn around, some OTHER federal agency says, "Oops - we seem to have lost a bunch of computers with personal data on them. Just didn't think to secure them and shit. Our bad."

I swear, the clowns in Bush's Federal Government are not only venal, greedy, vicious, and conniving, they are the most incompetent sons of bitches walking the earth, to boot. Maybe it's my personal stereotype, but when I think of someone as an evil scumbag, I sort of assume that they may be scum, but they are probably smart and capable. Not these clowns. They possess neither principles NOR ability.

And it's insane that people that worthless are actually running things.

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