Tuesday, November 15, 2005

They're done.

Have you realized? The Bushies are no longer defending their reasons for invading Iraq. They've lost that fight.

No weapons were found. There was no link between Al Qaeda and Hussein. Iraq was no threat.

And they admit it. Without EVER using the word "mistake", of course, but they admit it.

Bush's DEFENSE - the best face he can put on it - is that he didn't actually LIE, he just SCREWED UP ROYALLY. No, he doesn't use those words, but it IS the gist of his current argument. And they are all over the country an airwaves, hammering that horrible message home. Because it's BETTER than the only other POSSIBLE message: that they lied through their teeth.

They no longer stand by their original statement. They no longer defend the reasons that they gave for invading Iraq.

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