Monday, November 28, 2005

The PR is Offensive

For the last two weeks or more, America has been attacked with an absurd White House PR offensive.

The good news is that the White House seems to have given up on defending the Iraq Disaster

The bad news is that they are trying to figure out who else to blame.

They are defending their own debacle by claiming that The Democrats Agreed With Them.

Please note that this claim is an admission that the thing was a giant fuckup from the get-go. If they are trying to cast blame - and they are - it's an admission that the situation warrants blame.

But, aside from the satisfaction one feels at watching arrogant idiots who swore that everything they did was WONDERFUL reduced to blaming everybody else for what they did, the fact is that the claim itself is a stone lie: Congress did not have the same information as the White House. Period. But despite the fact that this has been pointed out again and again they keep repeating it. Because lies are the only defense that they have left.

Congress had ONLY the information that the White House chose to share. And the White House ONLY shared information that bolstered their position. The doubts, the questions, the contradiction and the disagreements were never shown to Congress. So Congress could ONLY conclude Hussein had WMDs, or accuse the White House of falsifying the evidence.

Yes, it turns out that the White House DID falsify the evidence, but it is ludicrous to have expected Congress to make that claim way back when. Somebody should tell Dick Cheney that "You fucked up. You trusted us" is intended as a joke, not a serious defense.

Much of this disaster has been caused by the unwillingness of decent people to believe that the folks in the White House are as thoroughly dishonest, greedy, and evil as they did, in fact, turn out to be.

And, in addition, Congress didn't even actually vote for the war. They voted to give Bush the authority to wage war should it become necessary. They did this to give Bush a big stick to use when placing pressure on Iraq: to force Hussein to let weapons inspectors in. And this WORKED - Hussein DID let them in. But when those inspectors said that the claims of WMDs seemed not to be panning out,. Bush's response was to try and discredit them, change the conditions whereby he would start a war, kick them out of the country and invade.

Remember that: Bush started the war after those who were actually on the ground told him that they hadn't found any weapons.

And Congress didn't vote for anything LIKE that. And claiming that they did doesn't make it so.

Iraq is Bush's baby. And it's one ugly baby. It's so ugly that he's trying to claim that it actually belongs to someone else.

And, hilariously, he keeps insisting that it's GOING WELL - while trying to blame Congress for it.

Hey, George, most Americans aren't as dumb as you are: If you REALLY thought Iraq was going well, you wouldn't be trying to blame it on the Democrats. Don't you think people REALIZE that? Or are you so used to getting away with total bullshit that you haven't realized that you've finally piled it too high for anyone to ignore?

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