Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ok, I done voted. Here in NYC, we had a mayoral election, and I voted for Freddy Ferrer, who won't win.

I almost DIDN'T vote for him because someone - I forget his name, it was something like "McClaughlin" - was running for Mayor on (I'm not making this up) the "Rent Is Too Damn High" Party. In New York City, that's a political party. That one was tempting, but then I figured that Freddy needed all the help he could get and voted for him anyway.

If given a choice - or if I don't know ANY of these people - I'll vote for the Candidate running on the "Working Families" Party, which is now the real Liberal Party in NYC. What used to be called the Liberal Party was always the Party of Political Convenience, and they finally collapsed, drowned by the sheer millstone-like weight of having endorsed Rudy Giuliani, and pretending that he was a liberal. Sort of blows your credibility overnight, ya know?

And Bernie Goetz (remember him?) was running for Public Advocate on the "Rebuild" ticket. Logo: the New York City skyline with the Twin Towers intact. Him, I wasn't tempted to vote for. It will be interesting to see how many nutjobs did, though.

And much of the rest was a Vietnamese Election: one candidate. For some small offices, the Republicans didn't even have anyone on the ticket.

Which is one of the things that I like BEST about the Upper West Side.

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