Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's just the beginning.

The Republicans would LIKE it to be over. They would LIKE Cunningham's guilty plea to be the end of it.

But it won't be. We are likely seeing a mere trickle in a flood of corruption.

It's not just Cunningham and Scanlon - both guilty. It's not just that DeLay and Abramoff have been indicted. It's not just that Frist and Rove are under major serious investigation.

Cunningham has agreed to cooperate with investigators.

That means that there is something further being investigated that he CAN cooperate with.

MZM, Inc - one of the Defense Contractor that bribed Cunningham - is a large contributor to a PAC called the New Republican Majority Fund.

1) MZM, Inc, has ties to many Republicans politicians.

2) They have a clear, large monetary interest in influencing legislation.

3) They bribed a Congressman. That makes it pretty certain that they TRIED to bribe other Congressmen.

How much does Cunningham know about those bribes?

This is just the beginning.

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