Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Call me Kreskin

It sounds better than "Ishmael."

Ferrer didn't win, as predicted.
Yes, I know that one was going out on a limb, but am I good or what?

(Note for the sarcasm impaired: that's what the above was.)

But while that's sad, it's was totally expected. The rest of the news nationwide is very good.

Corzine won New Jersey. Easily.

Kaine won in Virginia,
trouncing the pathetic Kilgore, even though Bush campaigned directly for Kilgore. In fact, Bush's support HURT Kilgore if it did anything. In Virginia.

Herr Gropinator
had every ballot initiative that he backed in California chewed up and vomited out by the voters.

Randy Judas Maximus Kelley, a Democratic mayor in St. Paul who thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to pose with Bush, got his head handed to him.

And all 8 members of the Pennsylvania School Board who supported Intelligent Design being taught in science class were unceremoniously kicked out and replaced with those who campaigned against the foolishness.

Democrats won mayoralties all over Pennsylvania.

Oh - and apparently marriages in Texas are very, very fragile, and in severe danger if gay people get to do the same thing. Oh, well. No surpirse there.

But - in what's actually more important news than the dumb Texas thing - Maine actually passed a gay rights law.

There were many other races, and, with a few exceptions, the trend is the same: Demcorats won, Republicans lost.

Ok - that's a start.

Now let's kick the big fish out in 2006.

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Sharon said...

Marriage in Texas is now illegal. Not just gay marriage, ALL marriage. Fuzzy language in the proposition, which passed by about 76% to 24%, makes marriage completely illegal in the state of Texas. Which suits me just fine - I don't think it's any of the govermnent's business who I live/sleep with!

For more on this, and to read the wording of the proposition, check out Gary's post at Easter Lemming Liberal News: