Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Give it a rest, Merrie Gentlemen.

It's moving toward the end of year. Holly. Mistletoe. Evergreens. The time we all look forward to. The time when we all gather together to enjoy a reliable yearly ritual:

A bunch of right-wingers whining like angry little children because some store clerk said "Happy Holidays."

I think this may be Exhibit A showing that the right-wing has gone completely insane.

Have you noticed? They claim that OTHERS are thin-skinned. OTHERS are too PC. OTHERS are too quick to play the victim. And they are the one throwing a shit fit because someone gave them a friendly greeting, but it wasn't the exact one that they wanted.

Personally, I always try and wish people something non-generic. It makes more sense and it's more respectful. If they are Christian, I wish them Merry Christmas. If they are Jewish, I wish them Happy Hannukkah.

But a STORE? When they DON'T KNOW if the person they are talking to is Christian or Jewish or something else? Of COURSE they use something generic. They're a frigging store, and they want to wish ALL of their customers good wishes of the season.

For those right-wingers who are still confused, let me explain it to you:

"Happy Holidays" is not an insult.

"Fuck You" is an insult.

See the difference? "Happy Holidays"; "Fuck You." Not at ALL similar, now, are they?

If a store clerk says "Happy Holidays" to you, and you hear it as "Fuck You," you have deep, deep mental problems, and should probably not be allowed out on the street without supervision.

Clear now?

Sheesh, people, get a real problem, and stop poisoning a beautiful time of year with this idiotic pettiness.


"Mrs. Iggy" said...

Thanks. Good rant. Enough with the Season's Groanings already!

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Good Yule. Etc.

funkweee said...

Rock on, my friend, Rock on.

Sharon said...

...and a Happy HannaRamaKwaanzaFestiMas to ALL!