Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Democrats close Senate doors in protest over Iraq

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats threw the Senate into a rare closed session on Tuesday to protest what they decried as the Republican-led body's inattention to intelligence failures on Iraq and the leak of a CIA operative's identity.

Invoking a rarely-used rule, Democrats temporarily shut down television cameras in the chamber, cleared galleries of tourists and other onlookers, forced removal of staff members and recording devices and stopped work on legislation.

Boy, I like it when Democrats actually behave as though they possess testicle, and Harry Reid actually has a pair. Hell, he might have three.

Simply put, any Senator can make a motion to close the doors for the purpose of discussion. If the motion is made and seconded, it cannot be debated and it is done. It isn't done very often. It's done for reasons of national security. It was also done during Clinton's impeachment.

Bill Frist is FURIOUS. Well, too frigging bad - Frist is a soulless political hack who hasn't possessed a principal since he was 15.

Reid says that he will do this EVERY SINGLE DAY until the Republicans agree to a real investigion of the cooked intelligence that led to the war in Iraq.


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