Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Bush's poll numbers have dropped to the low forties. Now, some folks may think that that makes no difference, since he can't be re-elected anyway. But it makes a huge difference, because as those numbers drop, the Republicans in Congress find it harder and harder to support him, and the Democrats get emboldened. They are ALL spineless politicians, after all.

But it's pretty obvious why the numbers are tanking. The American People were sold a pig in a poke, and they are starting to realize this. In fact, they had started to realize it more than a year ago. Remember - Bush's poll numbers were tanking before the election. In fact, they were tanking so badly that Bush's sycophants thought he might not get re-elected.

And if you recall, the response to this was NOT to try selling Bush's record. They COULDN'T sell Bush's record; it's a record of unremitting failure. What they did, instead, was trash his opponent. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars convincing the most gullible among us that a war hero was a war coward. And they found just enough gullible fools to swallow it.

If Bush was running against Jesus, Jesus would have been smeared.

But now that's over, and Bush has nothing to stand on. Nothing but his own record of unremitting failure.

His numbers aren't suddenly tanking. They are reflecting what people actually think of this clown when he is forced to stand on his own two legs instead of on a pile of mud.

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