Friday, August 12, 2005

What they mean by "support"

Via atrios:

Parent-trap snares recruiters
The tune changes at some homes when they hear 'sign here'

Staff Sgt. Jason Rivera, 26, a Marine recruiter in Pittsburgh, went to the home of a high school student who had expressed interest in joining the Marine Reserve to talk to his parents.

It was a large home in a well-to-do suburb north of the city. Two American flags adorned the yard. The prospect's mom greeted him wearing an American flag T-shirt.

"I want you to know we support you," she gushed.

Rivera soon reached the limits of her support.

"Military service isn't for our son. It isn't for our kind of people," she told

I guess it depends what your definition of "support" is.

One problem with right-wingers is that they are godawful shallow. When they say that they "support" the troops, they use the word as though they were saying, "Support the football team." In other words, don't do anything REAL, just sit on your ass and cheer

They are AGAINST any form of support that actually requires them to sacrifice.

Why would anybody expect these people to risk skin or kin for what they CLAIM is a "noble cause"? They aren't even willing to sacrifice their stinking tax cut. Does anyone expect them to sacrifice something REALLY valuable?

If you want proof that the right-wingers actually do NOT support the war in Iraq, just look at the recruitment numbers. If all the people who SAID they supported the war enlisted (if possible), or encouraged their loved ones to enlist (if not possible), recruitment would be so high it would be off the scale. Instead, it's dismal.

Somebody should tell these hypocrites that if it isn't worth THEIR life, it isn't worth somebody else's.

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