Monday, August 08, 2005


I was going to start this by writing that Bush has the most secretive administration since Nixon, but then I realized that that was unfair: Bush has Nixon beat by a mile. Bush has the most secretive administration since Nero.

But you know what pisses me off? It isn't that this clown thinks he can just defy a court order. It's that the worthless press LETS him. If they possessed a single testicle among them, there would be HUGE headlines about Bush's constant Unamerican stonewalling, instead of supine acquiescence.

Yes, I KNOW that Abu Ghraib is an embarrassment. Of COURSE, it's an embarrasment; if it wasn't an embarrassment, there wouldn't be any investigation. MOST investigations are investigating something embarrassing. If there wasn't anything to be secretive about, there wouldn't be any problem finding it out. Duh.

Throughout the nineties, the pompous, phony Republicans intoned, "No one is above the law." What they meant was that no DEMOCRAT was above the law. They all think that BUSH is.

When before, in American history, has any administration stonewalled in the face of a legal order without the secretiveness being viewed as suspicious? If Bush isn't hiding anything, why does he hide EVERYTHING? Why the hell does the press let them get away with that? Does this White House have ANY oversight? ANY check or balance on their abuse of power? What sort of shape are we in when our news organizations DON'T WANT NEWS? When they are satisified with an information blackout?

"Can we see the records of John Bolton before we make him ambassador?"

Nope, can't see 'em.

"Can we see the records of John Roberts before we give him a lifetime position of power?"

Nope, can't see 'em.

"Can we see the minutes of the Dick Cheney's energy meetings?"

Nope, can't see 'em.

"Can we see the photos of the Abu Ghraib abuse which a court has ordered to be turned over?"

Nope, can't see 'em.

Apparently, the only thing that this administration believes the public should know are the identities of covert CIA agents.

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