Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm disgusted

I'm sorry to mention this at such a time, but it's plain fact: the New Orleans disaster is the direct result of the Republican philosophy of cutting any spending that actually goes to help people, and not worrying about the consequences. New Orleans avoided the worst of the hurricane. What caused the disaster was the failure to fix a levee that everyone knew was in dire need of repair, and that everyone knew could have tragic consequences if it wasn't repaired.

But part of right-wing dogma is that you cut this, cut that, cut the other thing, cut everything, and REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT ALL THAT CUTTING ACTUALLY HAS AN EFFECT.

Well, it DOES have an effect.

If you don't repair something, it BREAKS. DUH.

They claim to be such wise stewards of the people's money. Well, do they actually not realize that neglect is not just immoral, but ECONOMICALLY FOOLISH, too, because NEGLECTING maintenance winds up costing a WHOLE LOT MORE than if you had fixed it in the first place?

Look at New Orleans. Do you think this horror MIGHT wind up costing the Federal Government a BIT more than they would have had to spend to fix that levee? Hm? REAL GOOD IDEA "saving money" by letting it go to pot, WASN'T it?

But the Republicans claim to be the fiscally responsible ones, when they are more IRresponsible than anything I've ever seen in my LIFE.

"Gimme my tax cut and screw the future" should be the Republicans' official motto.

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