Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You Can't Make This Shit Up dept.

"I mean, one hopes that the Iraqis protect women's social rights as much as possible. It certainly seems clear that in protecting the political rights, there's no discussion of women not having the right to vote. I think it's important to remember that in the year 1900, for example, in the United States, it was a democracy then. In 1900, women did not have the right to vote. If Iraqis could develop a democracy that resembled America in the 1900s, I think we'd all be thrilled. I mean, women's social rights are not critical to the evolution of democracy. We hope they're there. I think they will be there. But I think we need to put this into perspective." - Reuel Marc Gerecht, former Middle Eastern specialist with the CIA, Meet the Press

Got that? If the Iraqis came up with a Governmental System that was only regressive by about a hundred and five years, they'd be "thrilled."

Women's social rights are NOT CRITICAL to the evolution of democracy.

Holy shit.

These are the maniacs in CHARGE.

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