Monday, August 08, 2005

Running the treadmill

The insurgents are moving back into Fallujah.

Nine months after U.S. and Iraqi troops killed an estimated 1,000 insurgents here in a battle that also cost more than 70 American lives, intelligence suggests that rebels are trying to filter back into the former capital of Iraq's guerrilla movement.

The pattern continues.

We only have 130,000 troops in Iraq. So when we drive the insurgents out of a town, we can't stay and occupy it. We have to leave to go to the next town. And once we leave, the insurgents move back in, and we have to go back and drive them out again.

And I can't believe that the administration hasn't noticed - everybody else has.

I can only believe that they see it just as clearly as you or I, but they LIKE it that way.

Which means that they don't actually WANT to stop the insurgency - they want us to just keep spinning wheels and running a treadmill and doing the same thing over and over again, while making no progress.

And I hate to sound cynical - but the fact that Bush's cronies make lots and lots of money off of this war every single day that it goes on wouldn't be figuring into that at all, would it?

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