Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Paul Hackett, Democrat and Iraqi War Vet, has lost in Southern Ohio Congressional Race to Republican Jean Schmidt. In a squeaker. 3%.

And actually, that's good news. Hackett was given virtually no chance to win. It's an extremely conservative district that cast more than 60% of it's votes for Bush just two years ago. Hackett ran as an extremely blunt critic of Bush and the Iraqi War - and almost won. Shows how much credibility Bush has lost in an incredibly short amount of time.

Howard Dean is right: concede NOTHING. Fight for EVERY district. Conceding elections only allows the right-wingers to get more and more entrenched. As it is, Hackett took a district that the Democrats WOULD have conceded just a year ago, and fought it hard. He didn't win, but he ALMOST won, helped erode Bush's support, helped spread a Democratic message - and actually MIGHT win next time.

Good job.

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