Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Corruption? What corruption?

From a single article in The Atlanta Journal Constitution...

You can see why I like Howard Dean:

"We have not spoken about moral values in this party for a long time," Dean said. "The truth is, we're Democrats because of our moral values. It's a moral value to make sure that kids don't go to bed hungry at night. ... It is a moral value not to go out on golf trips paid for by lobbyists."

And you can ALSO see why some other Democrats piss me off:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is trying to get voters to hold the Republican Party responsible for the "culture of corruption" he sees in Washington, but Dean is getting virtually no help from fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives.

In the year since then-Rep. Chris Bell (D-Texas) filed a complaint that triggered the current ethics investigation of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), not one Democrat has initiated another complaint despite the pleas of outside watchdog groups.

House Democrats are victims of "a kind of mindset that too often creeps in in Washington —to get along, go along," Bell said in a telephone interview from his law office in Houston. "There's not a more adversarial act you can take in the House than an ethics complaint, and some people just don't have the stomach for it."

"Go along, get along," my ass. The Howling Banshees infesting the Right Wing haven't worried about civility or compromise for 15 years now.

And if the Democrats are worried about rooting out corruption because some of THEM have their hand in the till - well, too F'in bad. If you're corrupt, I want you the hell out of Washington, and I don't care if you belong to the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, or the Surprise Party.

Dean is right - the Democrats have to attack corruption, and do so with zeal and gusto. And if they have to clean out their own house in order to have the moral authority do so, then clean house, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

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